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Lucky Aces is a gaming website that allows users to play their favorite slot machine games and earn money. Users can earn in real-time by playing popular games. Lucky Aces aims to provide a platform where people can earn while enjoying and playing their favorite games.


The challenges that came with Lucky Aces

The idea of providing nostalgia to older users while at the same time introducing the retro games found in casinos to the younger generation was a brilliant idea. However, it was an idea that required a lot of marketing. When the idea came to Hexa Flow, the team understood that not only would it be difficult to engage users in a game that did not match the gaming era of today. Despite being difficult, it was not impossible, which is why the team sat together to brainstorm and devise an execution plan.

The team came to the conclusion that multiple social media platforms will have to be targeted to engage maximum users. While at the same time, the games and the graphics would have to be optimized to meet the demand of today.

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    Lucky Aces

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    2022 - 2022


Logo Presentation


Website Design

Social Media Post

Attractive designs to
engage traffic

By far, the first focus was to create a design for social media posts that had the capability to engage users at first glance. The posts had to follow a theme while at the same time making sure that they were clear enough to explain the concept of Lucky Aces. The designers
selected a color palate which maintained user engagement and worked according to a content calendar. This way, not only were the posts able to engage readers/users, but they were also able to relay information in a chronological manner.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

As the organization and the concept were new, it was essential that pages were created from scratch. Hexa Flow not only created a content plan but also timely posted it on the social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The posts were synchronized to be the same on social media platforms to give the same brand image

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The trait of the team that stood out at Hexa Flow was that the project manager was aware of all the technical aspects of business and application development. I did not have to explain the features in detail and the project manager was able to visualize the final result I was expecting for my application. I am happy that my project was delivered on time.

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