The Mystic Temple

The Mystic Temple is a portal containing the meditations of Geoffrey Paul Murray. It was through understanding himself, soul, spirit, mind, and body that led him to understand the nature of his mental illness. Mystic Temple contains meditations by Geoffrey that he aims to share with the rest of the world. He wishes to help people develop a relationship with the world around them.


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The project was extremely important to the message that Geoffrey Paul Murray is spreading to all. The website was important in the step to spreading awareness as it meant global reach. The platform had to promote what was being preached while also acting as a guide. Ultimately, it was also to act as a way of attracting people, which is why the design had to be flawless.

The project asked for a website that could act as a store where people could purchase the compilations by Geoffrey Paul Murray. While at the same time, the website had to be able to show abstracts of the teachings.

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    The Mystic Temple

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    2022 - 2022


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The best way to increase user traffic on the website was through User Experience. That is what Hexa Flow successfully executed. The website was a great visual and provided a User experience that ensured traffic stayed on the website.

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